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  • Animals Grow Tube

Animals Grow Tube

Type : T8
Base : G13
Use life(hours) : 6000
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When radiating on poultry and droppings, it could promote its organism to absorb vitamin D, increase calcium, boost immunity, promote the mature growth cycle (poultry-15days, droppings-20days), and raise about 25% laying rate of poultry and 15% milking rate of cow and sheep and also the vitamin D content in the milk.
Technical Data
Type Power Color Base Size (mm)
Use life(hours) Packing
Numbers  GW/GW(kg)  Size (mm)
T8 18W Red、Yellow、Blue、Green G13 588±1mm 6000 25 3.0/2.6 635*145*145
T8 30W Red、Yellow、Blue、Green G13 893±1mm 6000 25 3.8/3.2 935*145*145
T8 36W Red、Yellow、Blue、Green G13 1198±1mm 6000 25 4.8/3.8 1235*145*145